The Eighth Pacific Rim Conference in Mathematics was held online from Monday 3th August to Tuesday 11th August 2020. Originally conceived as meeting at U.C. Berkeley, the conference will now take place in a virtual format. The PRCM will be a high profile mathematical event that will cover a wide range of exciting research in contemporary mathematics. Its objectives are to offer a venue for the presentation to and discussion among a wide audience of the latest trends in mathematical research, and to strengthen ties between mathematicians working in the Pacific Rim region. The conference will provide junior researchers with opportunities to engage with established colleagues within and between the many represented mathematical disciplines.

Schedule and sessions can be seen here.

The conference’s opening remarks occurred at 22:45 UTC 3rd August and included a brief presentation on the history of the Pacific Rim Conference series and on the structure of the conference. A slightly expanded presentation can be viewed here.

The sessions of the meeting were as follows: