Life sciences – mathematical modelling and analysis, August 3 – 5

Organizer: Toshiyuki Ogawa.

The life sciences relate to mathematics via the posing of important mathematical problems and as an arena for the development of mathematical tools. This session focuses on contributions to problems in the life sciences from dynamical systems and partial differential equations. The topics include mass conservation in reaction-diffusion systems; bulk-membrane problems; and pattern dynamics in biological problems.

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Plenary speaker: Yihong Du, University of New England.

Session speakers (links to talk information):


00:20 – 01:10 UTC, Aug 4Yoichiro Mori
01:10 – 02:00Yong-Jung Kim
02:10 – 03:20Yihong Du (plenary)
01:10 – 02:00 UTC, Aug 5Michael Ward
02:00 – 02:50Yoshihisa Morita
03:00 – 03:50Chiun-Chuan Chen

Session poster: