Differential Geometry, August 5 – 7

Organizers: Kazuo Akutagawa, Eric Bahuaud, Rafe Mazzeo and Kaoru Ono.

This session is devoted to some progress in geometric analysis and its geometric consequences.  We expect that the lectures will stimulate research activities for those taking part in them.

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Plenary speaker: Richard Bamler, University of California, Berkeley.

Session speakers (links to talk information):


00:20 – 01:10 UTC, Aug 6Ailana Fraser
01:10 – 02:00Jeff Viaclovsky
02:10 – 03:00Tsuyoshi Kato
23:00 – 00:10 UTC, Aug 6 – 7Richard Bamler (plenary)
01:10 – 02:00Shinichiroh Matsuo

Session poster: