Algebraic and complex geometry, August 4 – 6

Organizers: Yoshinori Namikawa, Yuji Odaka and Song Sun.

Algebraic geometry and complex geometry have been in intimate connection since their birth. There are also many important recent developments. This session brings together various different aspects of this exciting area.

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Plenary speaker: Simon Donaldson, Stony Brook University and Imperial College, London.

Session speakers (links to talk information):

00:20 – 01:10 Aug 5Yoshiki Oshima
01:10 – 02:00Mao Sheng
03:00 – 03:50 UTC, Aug 6Tomoyuki Hisamoto
04:00 – 04:50Xiaokui Yang
05:00 – 05:50Radu Laza
23:00 – 00:10 UTC, Aug 7 – 8Simon Donaldson (plenary)

Session poster: