Recent trends in geometric analysis, August 3 – 5

Organizers: Rod Gover, Pedram Hekmati and Neil Trudinger.

Geometric analysis exploits the interaction of geometric ideas and methods with those of analysis. It is especially concerned with the treatment and study of partial differential equations, and in the application of the theory of partial differential equations to geometry.

This session will explore some of the new directions in the use of geometric analysis, and geometric PDEs, to problems in differential geometry, complex geometry, and global analysis.

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Plenary speaker: Guofang Wei, University of California, Santa Barbara

Session speakers (links to talk information):


23:00 – 00:10 UTC, Aug 3 – 4Guofang Wei (plenary)
00:20 – 01:10Mariel Saez Trumper
01:10 – 02:00Hojoo Lee
00:20 – 01:10, Aug 5Peter Ebenfelt
01:10 – 02:00Pedram Hekmati
02:10 – 03:00Yoshihiko Matsumoto
03:00 – 03:50Weiping Zhang

Session poster: