Partial Differential Equations: Inviscid Fluid Mechanics and General Relativity, August 10 – 11

Organizer: Sung Jin-Oh

Fluid mechanics and general relativity are central branches of classical physics which hold fascinating challenges for today’s researchers. The mathematical investigation of these fields has witnessed spectacular and synergistic progress in the past few decades; for instance, geometric-analytic methods for hyperbolic PDEs, originally developed in the context of general relativity, have been successfully applied to long-formidable problems in inviscid fluid mechanics, such as the formation and development of shocks in dimension three. This session aims to bring together, and facilitate interaction among, researchers contributing to these topics around the Pacific Rim. 

There is a second session on PDE, titled Partial Differential Equations: Dissipation and Fluid Mechanics. The two PDE sessions share a plenary talk, delivered by Neil Trudinger of Australian National University, which will take place at 23:00 August 5 – 00:10 August 6, UTC.

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Session speakers (links to talk information):


00:00 – 00:50 UTC, Aug 11Juhi Jang
01:00 – 01:50Volker Schlue
02:00 – 02:50Pin Yu

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