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Data & Reports


The EIC regularly holds themed community action meetings to generate discussion and feedback on a specific topic. After the meeting, a list of specific policy recommendations proposed at these meetings is created. To view these lists, please use the contact form.

  • Prelim CAM, February 2022
  • Teaching CAM, November 2021

The EIC generates a yearly report that is presented at the annual State of the Department meeting.


The following table shows the demographics of the graduate student admission data from 2018-2022. The total is shown for the entire department (Applied Mathematics, Logic, and Mathematics).

Gender Applied Headcount Admitted Headcount Enrolled Headcount
Female 443 90 27
Male 2176 240 85
Nonbinary 3 0 0
Decline to State 25 3 2
Ethnicity Applied Headcount Admitted Headcount Enrolled Headcount
Asian American 327 63 17
International 1402 130 50
Underrepresented Minority
(African American, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander)
151 25 10
White/Other 767 115 37
Total 2647 333 114

We are working on gathering demographic data for faculty members. In the meantime, please contact us for questions.