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We organize several meetings throughout the year with graduate students, postdocs, faculty, and staff to talk about DEI topics in the department. From the discussions, a task list is created of concrete steps that can be taken to improve department climate and inclusivity. These task lists can be found under the “Resources” tab.

The math department has acquired funding to create a paid position for a graduate student to serve as a liaison between the graduate student and the rest of the department. This position was created to coordinate the efforts of the DEI committee and convey the work done to the graduate students. In addition, the coordinator is to serve as a two way line of communication by making the requests of the department and the actions of the graduate students transparent to the other.

The DEI committee has created this website to document its efforts and actions towards diversity, equity, and inclusion. The website lists community resources available to students, staff, and faculty, both within the department and within the broader UC Berkeley campus. These resources are to assist in reporting problems and in finding support and community.

Towards the aim of inclusivity, the website also functions as a one-stop site for students. External resources are provided to help undergraduate students apply for REUs and graduate programs, and help graduate students apply for jobs and conference, as well as in the classroom as GSIs.

The EIC sends a member to sit in on faculty hiring meetings to help the hiring committee take into account candidates’ diversity statements and confirm the department’s and university’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

The EIC also assembles a list of potential candidates and sends this to the Faculty Appointments Committee for their consideration every hiring cycle.

Graduate student organization NRing created posters featuring diverse faculty role models. The EIC has worked with the department to frame these posters and hang them in Evans 939.

In celebration of the vital role of women in mathematics, the EIC in collaboration with Mathematics Student Services, EID Research Analyst, Tera Neff, Assistant Dean of Development for the Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Maria L. Hjelm, and the Co-Chair 150W History Project, and Emerita Dir. of Diversity, EECS Dept, Sheila Humphreys brought into the spotlight some of the many outstanding women in the Mathematics Department. 

150 Years of Women in Mathematics is an ongoing project and more narratives will be added.